Texts on Artist’s Book

Dailininko knygos dilema: Kas ji yra ir kas nėra?

Dailininko knygos dilema: Kas ji yra ir kas nėra? Lietuviškoji dailininko knyga pasaulio kontekste   Kęstutį Vasiliūną kalbina Eglė Petreikienė Papildytas žurnalo „Nemunas“ 2019, No. 4 tekstas Pradžioje patikslinkime žanro pavadinimą. Konceptuali dailininko sukurta knyga, kaip meno objektas, užsienio šalyse vadinama „artist’s book“ (artist arba artists’ book). Lietuvių dailėtyroje ir spaudoje randame įvairių terminų: „autorinė“, „menininko“ […]

Lithuanian Artist‘s Book in the World Context

The Dilemma of an Artist’s Book: What is it and What is it Not? Lithuanian Artist‘s Book in the World Context   Eglė Petreikienė interviews Kęstutis Vasiliūnas Expanded text of the magazine “Nemunas” 2019, No. 4 In the beginning let’s clarify definition of the genre. A conceptual book created by artist as an object of […]

“Artist’s Books” of Jannis Kounellis in Venezia 2019

  Exhibition Time: 11 May – 24 November 2019 Location: Fondazione Prada, Venice, Italy During our journey to the 58th International Art Exhibition in Venice / La Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, where Lithuanian Pavilion won the Venice Biennale’s 2019 Golden Lion, we visited the exhibition of Jannis Kounellis in Fondazione Prada,Venezia. It was Monday, and […]

Artist’s Books of Yun Hyong-keun from Korea 2018

Artist’s Books & Abstract Paintings of Yun Hyong-keun   During our visit in Korea, in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul we have seen several good exhibitions. But one exhibition was absolutely fantastic – Retrospective of Yun Hyong-keun. Here were exhibited few artist’s books, or “paintings’ artist’s books” of Yun Hyong-keun […]

Artist’s Books of Dieter Roth in Torino 2018

Dieter Roth. “Le pagine“ At the Fiera Libro Arte Torino / FLAT   Time: 2–4 November 2018 Location: La Centrale, Nuvola Lavazza, Turin, Italia Address: via Ancona 11/a, Torino, Italy Curator: Elena Volpato We can’t stay in silence when such wonderful artist like Dieter Roth is exhibited in the Art Book Fair, in Torino. And […]

The Second Week in Printmaking Workshop in Guanlan 2017

In Guanlan International Print Workshop artists lives in Artist’s Village near Half-Moon Pond. Especially beautiful at night. For creating the next print I have found another paradoxical topic with the title – “Zheng He VS Columbus”… So we should look on facts. Zheng He (1371–1433) was a Hui Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral, and […]

The First Week in Printmaking Workshop in Guanlan 2017

I am invited in Guanlan International Print Workshop for two weeks, and during this short time I have to create two prints. Prints have to be printed in edition 5o. As I am invited for the international printmaking artists exchange program and the exhibition “The Belt & Road”, I have to create prints based on China culture. For […]

Give Love a Chance

6th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012 Theme: “Love”     Love. And hate. Which to choose? Can I choose? Maybe I can’t choose anything, I can only be. Watch. Listen. Without looking. Taking no interest. But that gets on my nerves. I don’t agree; I totally disagree. I’m opposed, since I’m overcome by anger. […]

4th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2006

Theme: “Rabbit & House” Time & Location: 5 December – 25 December 2006, Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania; 22 March – 25 March 2007, Leipzig Book Fair, Germany; 1 June – 6 June 2007, Seoul International Book Arts Fair, South Korea. While opening one box after another, one envelope after another envelope, I took out artist’s […]

2nd International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2000

Theme: “Apocalypse”   Time & Location: 2 November – 28 November 2000, Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania; 10 January 10 – 3 February 2001, Gallery 5020, Salzburg, Austria. In the year 2000 the 2nd International Artist‘s Book Triennial Vilnius 2000  took place with 150 artists from 29 countries: if to mention Japan, Korea, Australia, almost all […]