5th Artist’s Book and Small Editions Festival, Barcelona

The next edition of the “Artist’s Book and Small Editions Festival” will take place, as in previous years, on April 23, 2012 (the World Book and Copyright Day 2012) in Barcelona and then it will move around several different venues in the following year.

The Festival (curated by Elisa Pellacani supported by the efforts of the members and collaborators of ILDE, the cultural association that organises the festival) has now reached the fifth edition; the Festival aims at being a point of exchange and information about the world of artist’s books; authors and smaller publishers are invited to participate and to submit a new, previously unreleased book made for the festival. “Artist’s books” means editorial artefacts, small-run editions (more than one copy may be submitted), object books and other artistic expressions related to the art of “book making”. The authors are free to choose any material, technique and content of the works which shall however be inspired by one of the following issues: freedom, memory, elsewhere places, integration, playing, environment.

info@ilde.info and epellacani@yahoo.it

Elisa Pellacani
ILDE Cultural Association