Leipzig Print Symposium 2013

Leipzig Print SymposiumLeipzig Print Symposium 2013

The Bund Bildender Künstler Leipzig e. V. (Leipzig Association of Artists) invited five artists to participate in the “Hochdruck-Grafik-Symposion – edition carpe plumbum” (2nd Relief Printing Symposium) in Leipzig in time 29 July- 23 August 2013.

In the Symposium participate artists: Maribel Mas from Barcelona, Dimitrije Pecic from Serbia, Benjamin Dittrich and Natascha Mehler from Leipzig and me.

Project partner – “Edition Carpe Plumbum” with the project manager, wonderful printer and pressman – Thomas Siemon. This “Edition” and Print Workshop is in Spinnerei.

During the Symposium artists has to create and to print few prints in some edition. “Edition Carpe Plumbum” has many old and good printing machines with letterpress. Conditions for printmaking are fantastic, pressman Tomas – very professional and friendly man. It is nice to see how good and quickly he print our works.

Here I want to show few pictures from the Workshop and from our Villa, where we stay for 4 weeks.

Kestutis Vasiliunas


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