XiaoFei Li – Solo Exhibition in Vilnius

XiaoFei Li. “The Diary 16”, coloured woodcut, 2012

XiaoFei Li (China) Solo Exhibition Trace”

Time: 5-12 October, 2016
Location: Gallery “5 Malūnai”, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania

An artist, printmaker, artist’s book creator from China Mr. Ph.D. XiaoFei Li on 5th of October 2016 will give the lecture and open a Solo Exhibition in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

XiaoFei Li. Poster

Artist Xiaofei Li represents the modern Chinese printmaking. What he would like to show in the exhibition are woodcuts printed with oil based colours on rise paper. This is a very delicately carved and meticulously printed graphic works showing the artist’s high professionalism.


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