Retro 8: 3rd Artist‘s Book Triennial Vilnius 2003

Installing the 3rd Artist's Book Triennial in the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius in 2003

Theme:23 Sins

The theme of the 3rd Artist‘s Book Triennial was “23 Sins”. On this time I have got many questions from the artists who wanted to participate, like – “…can I participate in the exhibition if I‘m not a believer?”, “…what do these 23 sins means?” or “…I know only seven, eight or eleven sins…” Maybe it would be possible to relate number 23 with the year 2003 if we just erased two zeros between 2 and 3…

But everything is much easier: 23 sins is only one of the apt provocations.

The apt provocation is testified by the texts of two artists in the exhibition catalogue. The first text by Rimvydas is entitled – “Occurrence”: “Once upon a time there lived an artist and a book. They liked to make 23 sins a day. Finally they got married and became an Artist‘s Book. While the 23 sins have moved to another apartment, because their nerves couldn’t keep up any more.”

More text and 24 photos made with analogue photo camera

Kestutis Vasiliunas
curator of the Triennial

© Circle “Bokartas”, Kestutis Vasiliunas