Workshop of Prof. Toshiya Takahama in Graphic Art Department, Vilnius 2018

Prof. Toshiya Takahama in Vilnius Academy of Arts

Printing on a Gips Cubes and Installing it in the Exhibition

Time: 7-10 December 2018
Location: Graphic Art Department, Vilnius, Lithuania

Prof. Toshiya Takahama from the Musashino Art University, from Tokyo arrived in Vilnius to give lectures and to lead the printmaking workshop ‘Making copperplate print(intaglio) printed on plaster cubes’.


Toshiya Takahama. ‘The Ochiishi Plan’

Prof. Toshiya Takahama wrote: “Generally, copperplate work is printed on paper and framed, and then displayed on a wall in a museum, gallery, or house, in such a careful way as to be protected from any deterioration, such as yellowing, tearing, or molding. This is the ordinary way of being of copperplate prints..” But artists are not ordinary people, especially if you are not “traditional” or commercial artist. So Prof. Toshiya Takahama during his workshop was trying to explain and to learn how to think in printmaking way, in printmaking concept, how using printmaking technologies to create art and art installation.

In the Printmaking Workshop

9 students from the Graphic Art Department, Vilnius Academy of Arts were selected for the printmaking workshop: Paulė, Ieva, Joelis, Augustina, Gintarė, Justė, Julija, Laima ir Gertrūda.

Students made the lunch for the professors and himself in ‘traditional Lithuanian style’ in the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Lunch in the Academy
After the workshop students had to learn how to install the printed cubes in the exhibition of Prof. Toshiya Takahama in the Gallery of Vilnius Academy of Arts “5 Malūnai”.

Exhibition of the Prof. Toshiya Takahama and students works in the Gallery "5 Malūnai"

Coordinator of the Workshop – Prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas

Project was supported by International Relations Office, Vilnius Academy of Arts: Mrs. Ieva Skaurone and Mr. Vygintas Orlovas


© Photo: Kestutis Vasiliunas
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