Lithuanian Artists in Woodcut Print Art Festival in Korea 2021


9th Ulsan International Woodcut Print Art Festival & 2021 Biennale


Time: 21-26 July 2021
Location: Ulsan Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan, Korea

Curator: Mrs. Hyo Kim

Lithuanian artists in the exhibition:

Jonas Čepas, Redas Diržys, Laura Selmistraitytė, Roberta Vaigeltaitė-V., Kęstutis Vasiliūnas.

Jonas Čepas. Lithuania. “Edge”. 2019, woodcut, 101 x 68 cm

Jonas Čepas

Redas Diržys. Lithuania. “Worker’s (Driller’s) Tribute to Oh Yoon (오윤)”. 2021, woodcut, 90 x 150 cm

Redas Diržys

Laura Selmistraitytė. Lithuania. “Self-portrait with family”. 2021, woodcut, 70 x 104,6 cm

Laura Selmistraitytė

Roberta Vaigeltaitė-V. Lithuania. “One year with the quarantine”. 2021, woodcut, 75 x 126 cm

Roberta Vaigeltaitė-V.

Kęstutis Vasiliūnas. Lithuania. “Vincent: Sun Flowers”. 2021, woodcut, 60 x 148 cm

Kęstutis Vasiliūnas

Eligibility for participation in the 2021 Ulsan Biennale is limited to Artists recommended by each country selection committee appointed by the Biennale Steering Committee.

In the Exhibition participated invited artists from Korea, France, Taiwan, Malaysia, Lithuania, Mexico and America.

The Biennale Steering Committee appointed prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas to be director and one of the artists of the collection of woodcut from Lithuania.


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