International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius


9th Artist’s Book Triennial 2021


8th Artist’s Book Triennial 2018


7th Artist’s Book Triennial 2015


6th Artist’s Book Triennial 2012


5th Artist’s Book Triennial 2009


4th Artist’s Book Triennial 2006


3rd Artist’s Book Triennial 2003


2nd Artist’s Book Triennial 2000


1st Artist’s Book Triennial 1997


The “International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius” is a unique non-commercial cultural project. The aim of Artist’s Book Triennial is to provoke artists to reflect and to encourage them to create works on the curious themes.

The “International Artist’s Books Triennial Vilnius” is organised periodically since 1997. The Artist’s Books Triennials Vilnius is a travelling event showing in Vilnius and Plunge (Lithuania), Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Rheine (Germany), Lille (France), Silkeborg (Denmark), Venice, Urbino and Vercelli (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Halmstad (Sweden), Salzburg (Austria), Evanston and Fredonia (U.S.A.). During 23 years the Artist‘s Book Triennials has taken place eighth times. 1778 artists from 99 countries have submitted more than 3000 artist’s books. An international jury has chosen the best 911 submissions from 68 countries to be displayed during successive artist’s book exhibitions.

Organiser of the Triennials: Circle “Bokartas”, Lithuania

Curator of the Triennials: Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas


© Artist’s Book Creators, 2021



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