Kestutis Vasiliunas – Solo Exhibition “Rain in the Park” in Anyksciai

Kestutis-Vasiliunas-Solo-Exhibition_Anyksciai-00Kestutis Vasiliunas – opening of the Exhibition

Time: 7th of December 2016 – 21st of January 2017
Location: Sacred Art Center, Anyksciai, Lithuania
Curator: Edita Pivoriuniene


On Saturday was the official opening of the Exhibition “Rain in the Park” in Anyksciai and meeting with an artist Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas. Outside was beautiful snowstorm. But inside was warm atmosphere. I had to talk about one hour for the public, to introduce myself and my art. It was nice to be in Anyksciai in small town, to meet intelligent people really interested in art in culture.


After my long speech it was wonderful concert of Arnas Mikalkenas and Dominykas Vysniauskas – good real jazz.


And after all – warm tea with cake and long talk about art, culture and life with friends and people from the town.


It was night. Snow fell from the sky.Kestutis-Vasiliunas-Solo-Exhibition_Anyksciai-08


Photos: Agota Afra Vasiliunaite