Artist’s book installation & performance of Raminta Sumskyte Sum

Ex Voto’ 365

Time: 5-29 April 2017
Location: Gallery “Kaire Desine”, Vilnius, Lithuania

Artist’s book with 365 vota

Artist’s book creator, one of the best Lithuanian printmaker, creator of animated cartoons – Raminta Sumskyte Sum has made wonderful exhibition-installation in Vilnius. During the opening of the exhibition she has made the performance.

Paintings: Thanks for miracles

“In ancient Roman religion, a votum, plural vota, is a vow or promise made to the God.”

Installation with 365 vota from zinc and copper

Impressive artist’s book with printed 365 vota in it. The artist’s book has the accordion book form, free folded, what create off-centered paper sculpture. On the one side of the book vota printed as intaglio, on the another side of the artist’s book vota printed as zincography, negative image. In the 365 vota of Raminta we see a very simple and very important human requests. If in the churches we can see vota near altar with a shape of a hand, a leg, or a heart, – in Raminta Shumskyte Sum vota we find not parts of a body, but the situations. I would say strange situations with strange desires or thanks. Every desire is visualized in metal plates not only very professional, but also with culture background.

Please, press the picture to see the video

Raminta Sumskyte Sum several times participated in the “Artist’s Book Triennials Vilnius” and in the “Lithuanian Artist’s Book Exhibition”.


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