Chief of Artist’s Books in Austria – Toni Kurz

Artists book curator Toni Kurz near the piano

Visiting Toni Kurz in Austria

On the road back from our holidays in Austrian Alps to Vilnius we have visited famous artist’s book curator, friend of artist, man of culture – Toni Kurz and his wife Christa. He many years was working in Horn promoting artist’s books and artists with the “International Artist’s Book Biennial Horn” / “BuchKunstBiennale Horn” in  Kunstverein Horn in Austria.

Evening with Christa and Toni

Christa and Toni has made for us wonderful evening in beautiful house-museum. Nice to meet people who spent all life for artists, for artist’s books, to talk with them, to see the collection of the artist’s books. Here, in Christa and Toni house has been many famous artists.

Breakfast with family of ToniRoberta makes drawing in guest book, Toni cooking


In the morning Christa packed for our journey some food, Toni gave bottle of good French wine.

Kestutis, Toni, Christa and Agota


Here, in Horn Artist’s Book Workshop in 1994 I started my artist’s book activity. So this place is special for me, where is always nice to return.

Some photos and information from the last “13rd Artist’s Book Biennial” in Horn.


Photos of Roberta