Second Travel to Musashino Art University in Tokyo

In Russia, near Vladivostok

Almost after one year I again arrived to Tokyo, to Japan. In April 2018 I have been here with the lectures on artist’s books by the invitation of Tokyo University of the Arts. Last time I also visited Musashino Art University in Tokyo, where we were discussing about the opportunity for more close collaboration in the education programs.

By the exchange programs professor Toshiya Takahama from the Musashino Art University in December 2018 gave the lectures and made the printmaking workshop in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Later evening in Tokyo, in Higashimurayama areal

This time, by the invitation of Musashino Art University, I arrived with my wife Roberta to participate in the final exams of students in Printmaking Department of Musashino Art University, to see the art works of students during the exams and in the gallery of the University, to visit museums and galleries in Tokyo, and to meet old art friends.



Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas

Main Sponsor of the Travel to Japan: Erasmus Program


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