Prof. Timothy Frerichs Lectures & Artist‘s Book Workshop in Vilnius Academy of Arts


Open Lecture “Timothy Frerichs, Artist Books – Material as Content”


Time: 4th of December 2023, 12:30 p.m.
Location: Vilnius Academy of Arts, “Titanikas”, class 112.

Professor Timothy Frerichs will present an Artist Lecture connecting the history of artist books with the content and physicality of his artist books and related artwork.

World-renowned book and printmaking artist Prof. Timothy Frerichs is coming to Lithuania. Here he will give a lecture and conduct a creative workshop of the artist’s book for the students of the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Prof. Timothy Frerichs has taught book art, the “artist’s book” and printmaking at New York State University at Fredonia for many years. He is an international artist who lectures and conducts creative workshops at universities around the world. Prof. Timothy Frerichs is very popular in his University, most students prefer the “book art” taught by him.

Prof. Timothy Frerichs’ artist’s books and prints has not only deep conception, but also deals with different printing methods, different materials like lightweight, semi-transparent handmade paper and heavy rusted metal, stone, wood found on the beach of the lake.

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Sponsor of the Project: Educational Exchange Support Fund

Curator of the Project: Prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas



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