Kestutis Vasiliunas – Solo Exhibition “Rain in the Park” 2016

„Drink Me“. 2008, canvas, coloured woodcut, wooden stamps, letterpress, 103,5 x 214 cm

Time: 7 December 2016 – 21 January 2017
Location: Sacred Art Center, Anyksciai, Lithuania
Curator: Edita Pivoriuniene

In the exhibition. 2017

In the Exhibition “Rain in the Park” I have showed 7 big size prints – coloured woodcuts printed on canvas. Near each print was exhibited the postcard with the art of some artists, or fragment of art, or situation, for showing from where I took the concept or the inspiration for my print. In reality in one print I use many “inspirations”, for the idea, for the composition, for the colours, for the symbol, for the expressing some metaphors.

“The Last Supper. 1517”. 2013, canvas, coloured woodcut, letterpress, 100 cm x 140 cm

On the left: „Shepherds“. 2008, canvas, coloured woodcut, 107 x 299 cm

I don’t create “beautiful art”. In my art I show my outlook. I want to express what is important for me and what is important, I want to believe, for the world. (Maybe I am not right, no problem. The world has bigger problems than the search for God). I look for a paradox in my art. Maybe the first big paradox happened 2000 years ago, when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born in the livestock barn in Bethlehem…

So in the exhibition were exhibited prints “The Last Supper” – 3 tables with food from the middle ages without apostles. The Crucifix in the park (from Georges Seurat), shepherds with the flowers in the hands running to Mary (from the sweet postcard).

“In the Park”. 2010, canvas, coloured woodcut, wooden stamps, 107 x 299 cm

One visitor of the exhibition said: “Professor (it’s me) allows a lot for himself…” Yes, that is truth, I don’t create “a religious art ” like many good people would like to see it in my prints. I don’t create “religious kitsch”. I play with “religious kitsch”, as one of the paradox.

“Rain in the Park”. 2010, canvas, coloured woodcut, wooden stamps, 190 x 107 cm

Kestutis Vasiliunas

Photos: Agota Afra Vasiliunaite

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