International Printmaking Conference in Dunhuang 2017

Conference in Dunhuang: Coexistence of Civilizations: Art of Communication & Communication of Art

Coexistence of Civilizations: Art of Communication & Communication of Art


Time: 19th September 2017
Location: Dunhuang, China

Travel to Dunhuang

In the Printmaking Conference in Dunhuang I arrive from the Guanlan Printmaking Workshop. Together with the conference was the International print exchange project “Belt and Road”.

Town of Dunhuang is located in the north-west of China near Gobi desert on the Silk Road. Dunhuang surrounded by sand dunes. Town is very clean and looks like contemporary town from west of Europe.

From Dunhuang airportStreet in Dunhuang going to the sand dunesStrange glass building in Dunhuang...
In the conference participated important persons of printmaking in China, like the Boss of the boss – Mr. Li, the boss of printmakers Mr. Jiang Lu, Mr. Zhao Jiachun – one of the directors of the Print Museum in Guanlan, some Chinese and international artists like Ingrid Ledent from Belgium.

Conference Hall in DunhuangOpening of the Conference in DunhuangConference in DunhuangConference in Dunhuang

Themes of the Conference:
“Visual Communication: Imaging technology, Knowledge Form and Art Criticism”;
“The Meeting of Chinese and Western Art from 16th Century to Present”;
“The Dialogue Between North America and World Civilization”;

After the official Conference we had not formal “round table” conference-discussion.

Conference-discussion in Dunhuang. Ingrid Ledent is talking.Kestutis Vasiliunas in Dunhuang after the Conference


© Photo: Kestutis Vasiliunas

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