Solo Exhibition “Postcards [Made in China]” 2011

Kestutis Vasiliunas “Postcards [Made in China]“

Poster: Made in China
Time: 28 April – 14 May 2011
Location: Gallery “Kaire Desine”, Vilnius, Lithuania

Thoughts upon returning from Venice (Italy) and Guanlano (China) International Graphics Workshop.

“I understand that some contemporary artists has their own curators or art critics who takes care of him (as father/mother). I know that true art must have a strong theoretical foundation, well-prepared lists (could it be ‘Bologna process’ or ‘Dublin protocols’, etc.) and arts ideas of justification (at least 12 pages) by which the spectator would understand the meaning of art while standing in front of it. But because of my mentors are somewhere behind the Polish border and has shown no willingness to come here (even though my moral support), then all the explanatory text helping to understand the concept, I have to write by myself and hang on the wall next to the pictures.”

Kestutis Vasiliunas


In the Exhibition – two installed walls in the Gallery “Kaire Desine”








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