13th Artist’s Book Biennial in Austria in 2016


XIII Int. BuchKunstBiennale Horn 2016


Artists Book Biennial Horn 2016 – The Monastery

Curator: Toni Kurz

Time: 7 May – 2 July 2016
Location: Kunstverein Horn, Austria

Artist’s Book Biennial Horn 2016 – Opening. Curator Toni Kurz says speech

The last time when I have been in Horn it was in 1994…, when I participated in the Artist’s Book Symposium in Horn. Here I started my activity as an artist’s book creator and curator of the international artist’s book exhibitions. Much time has passed since 1994, many artist’s book exhibition I have curated. But I always wanted to return back where it all began. After 22 years I have returned back, where curator Toni Kurz like many years ago still curate artist’s book projects. Here I wanted to get acquainted with world of artist’s books, styles and structures, to make new contacts with artists, curators, galleries for the future collaboration.

Artist’s Book Biennial Horn 2016 – Opening


After 1100 km driving through Poland and Czech Republic, he with artist’s books arrived in beautiful town Horn.

On the road to Austria


In Horn I have met my friends publishers, artist’s book makers and artist’s book editors who participated in other artist’s book exhibition. It was small cosy Art event for friends. Here I have met again an artists Francis van Maele and Antic Ham from Ireland / Korea – we were together exhibited in Seoul, Svato Zapletal from Czech Republic – we participated many years ago in Frankfurt Art Fair. My friend Martin Gredler from Salzburg arrived to visit me and to see the Artist’s Book Biennial.

All exhibitors lives in the Kunstverein Horn (old monastery building), they eat breakfast together and spends evenings together in the restaurant.

Breakfast morning. In the centre – curator Toni Kurz

Curator Toni Kurz created art works for special exhibition “DADA ist 100” dedicated for Dadaism – an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century. Dada in Zürich in Switzerland began in 1916 at Cabaret Voltaire.


Thank to Toni Kurz – he created warm and friendly atmosphere.


Photos: Agota Afra Vasiliunaite

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