Artist in Residence in Japan 2020 – Cancelled


Sakura blooms in April in Kyoto

1-30 April 2020
Artist in Residence, Kyoto, Japan
Journey No. 106 Cancelled

In April 2020 I was invited to take part in Art Residency in Kyoto, in Japan. It had to be wonderful time, as sakura blooms in April… Here I wanted to create my big print, in size 3 metros x 1 metre on canvas in Japanese printing method ‘mokuhanga’, and to make my solo exhibition here. But, the situation in the world this spring changed my planes. I had to stay at home, like all.


Sakura blooms in April in Kyoto


Sakura blooms in April in Kyoto

But this spring we had beautiful “sakura” in our country side house.


Maybe in 2021… I will see sakura in Japan.





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